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The Michigan is Lake Biwa's most famous cruise boat. Relax and watch the spectacular scenery of Lake Biwa as it goes by,
or enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants or a live music performance.

A variety of menu options, from authentic course and buffet meals to simple snacks.

In the authentic course and buffet meals, there are various options to experience the skill of the Michigan’s Chef as well as meals using seasonal vegetables and ingredients from Lake Biwa.

While you enjoy the beautiful scenery Lake Biwa has to offer and the delicious food in the gorgeous restaurant, the conversation is sure to flow.

In the bar, we also have Hamburgers, drinks and light meals as a more casual option for your cruise.

The rate includes 10% consumption tax.

  • Michigan buffet meals
  • Michigan buffet meals
Lunch Cruise (Depart/arrive Otsu Port / Michigan 90)

Fares with buffet meals set

  • Adults ¥6,500
  • Elementary school ¥3,250
  • 2 years and over ¥800

The minimum number of people required for the lunch cruise is 15. If there are 14 or fewer reserved guests, we may take your order at the table.

Dinner Cruise (Depart/arrive Otsu Port / Michigan Night 90-minute course)

Fares with Full Course Dining

  • Adults ¥8,200〜
  • Elementary school ¥6,600〜
  • Kid's plate ¥1,800
  • *1One preschool child can board for free when accompanied by an adult. Additional preschool children are charged the regular elementary-school-student fare. However, this system does not apply to groups of 15 or more.
  • *2We refuse to serve alcohol to passengers planning to drive.
  • Cafe menu
  • Cafe menu
  • Cafe menu
  • *Menu items may change.
  • *We refuse to serve alcohol to passengers planning to drive.
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