Biwako Cruise


Lake Biwa is the world's third oldest lake — experience the long history of this lake, and the everyday lifestyles
and culture of the people who live around it, on this half-day tour.

A one-day trip for the complete Lake Biwa experience

This is a cruise in which you can spend a whole day experiencing the sights of Lake Biwa.

From the ship windows and decks you can enjoy the beautiful lakeside vistas and mountains to the west. Islands on the lake where the boat stops for sightseeing include Okishima, the largest of all the islands on Lake Biwa, also notable because it is a lake island that is inhabited (rarely seen anywhere in the world); Chikubushima, with its rich religious history and beautiful views; and the beautiful Takeshima, an island that appears to change shape depending on the angle. In addition, there is a commentary provided while on board as well as a yoshibue flute concert.

It is a full day in which to immerse yourself in the charms of Japan’s largest lake. For lunch, a bento box is provided, using produce from Lake Biwa.

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