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Museums & Historical buildings

MIHO Museum

With the themes of nature/architecture, harmony with art, tradition/modernity and east/west, 80% of the building is built underground, with consideration for the environment.

Sagawa Art Museum

This art museum is located next to Lake Biwa. Its silhouette blends into the beauty of the pools of water around the building, and with prominent spaces of ‘dark and light’, the structure has a feeling of oneness with the surrounding landscape.

Biwako Otsukan

This building was the first international tourist hotel built in Shiga Prefecture in 1934 to attract overseas visitors. It was renovated and is now an Otsu City cultural facility.

Kannon Museum

Takatsuki-cho in Nagahama City is known as a treasure trove of cultural properties, and since there are many Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) statues, it is also called the ‘Kannon Village’.

Lake Biwa Museum

At the Lake Biwa Museum you can see, touch and experience millions of years of history of Lake Biwa and the people’s connections with the lake. There is also Japan’s largest display of freshwater fish.

Mizunomori Water Botanical Garden

With the themes of plants and people, and the relationships between water and people, it is a garden full of flowers and aquatic plants for enjoyment throughout the seasons.